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your partner for digital transformation

Sale and purchase of digital services.

We are a phydigital platform in the Fintech and Blockchain world born to facilitate the sale and purchase of digital services.

Yes, we can help

Create your well-being providing the most requested services by the market nowadays

$2 Trillion Dollars

We find the best online services and provide you all the support and the solutions to help you enter a market that just topped $2 trillion.

Our platform solutions help businesses navigate the complexities of the rapidly changing marketing and ad tech platform marketplace. We provide unbiased recommendations and implementation / integration support in a way that’s closely aligned with overall business needs rather than those of the technology solution.

We’ve experienced and supported clients to improve partner relationships and to maximise the use of the products – fixing this problem can save tens of thousands of dollars in project management time. NBC banq takes into consideration every little detail to make sure the system run smoothly and responsively.

We’ve got deep experience in not only recommending and implementing Crypro and financial platforms, but also in the creation of workflows to ensure that systems operate efficiently within marketing teams

All the services you need to give you security and protection

Products & solutions

Private account
A simple online account, with the payment systems and cards you need.
Company account
An online business account to manage your payments quickly and intuitively.
NBC Talk App
A messenger that uses leading-edge cryptography to protect messages and calls.
Our solution get a better understand on who your new clients are before onboarding them.
Blockchain Solutions
Turnkey solutions with licenses, kyc/aml, kyb system, liquidity provider.
Token distribution
A team of experts and the best fintech and blockchain services in one account.

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