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Easily manage your digital assets, from Bitcoin and LTC to any Ethereum, all in one place.

Despite the turnover of the Crypto world today is very high, there is always a large slice of the market that struggles to fit in with all its potential for three main reasons:

  • Security and anonymity of those who operate with exchanges
  • Unfriendly platform
  • Difficulty and very low limits for transactions in FIAT

NBC Banq has solved these problems thanks to its platform with high-security standards and easy to use, which facilitates the human relationship thanks to the physical presence with offices present on the territory. One of the most important aspects is that NBC Banq thanks to a sophisticated KYT system is able to verify in real-time the risk of every blockchain transaction and operator. Moreover even the end customers can use NBC Banq's monitoring systems.

The result is that NBC Banq positions itself as the market leader for the type of clientele that uses Cryptocurrencies for large volume transactions, sending and receiving payments, and for those who want to use the Cryptocurrencies to develop projects on the real economy.

All the services you need to give you security and protection

Products & solutions

Private account
A simple online account, with the payment systems and cards you need.
Company account
An online business account to manage your payments quickly and intuitively.
NBC Talk App
A messenger that uses leading-edge cryptography to protect messages and calls.
Our solution get a better understand on who your new clients are before onboarding them.
Blockchain Solutions
Turnkey solutions with licenses, kyc/aml, kyb system, liquidity provider.
Token distribution
A team of experts and the best fintech and blockchain services in one account.

Preparing for your success, we provide truly prominent solutions.