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Fully Private & Secure Messenger that  uses leading-edge cryptography to protect messages and calls between sender and receiver.

NBC Talk is the only communication system with a multi-level military grade encryption scheme which ensures the complete confidentiality and authenticity of calls and messages.

A phydigital platform created to facilitate your entry into the Fintech and Blockchain world. Not an online bank or crypto exchanges, but the bridge that takes you to them and the shield that protects you once you enter. NBC Banq finds the best online services and provides you all the support you need to give you security and protection. In addition, it provides you with all possible and necessary means if you want to make this world become your profession.

With NBC Talk you can create group chats, share large videos, documents of any type. NBC Talk is the most reliable messaging system ever made, it works even on the weakest mobile connections. You can send media and files. Your entire chat history will not be stored on any server.

All the services you need to give you security and protection

Products & solutions

Private account
A simple online account, with the payment systems and cards you need.
Company account
An online business account to manage your payments quickly and intuitively.
NBC Talk App
A messenger that uses leading-edge cryptography to protect messages and calls.
Our solution get a better understand on who your new clients are before onboarding them.
Blockchain Solutions
Turnkey solutions with licenses, kyc/aml, kyb system, liquidity provider.
Token distribution
A team of experts and the best fintech and blockchain services in one account.

Preparing for your success, we provide truly prominent solutions.