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Dear entrepreneurs, your job is becoming increasingly difficult. Even with good turnover, it is not easy to overcome the bureaucratic barriers of financial institutions with regards to transfers, payments, etc.

Using "easy" payment services, working with all sorts of trading, sending or receiving money from individuals, can turn into a problem.Traditional banks do not like unusual movements of funds in the accounts. There are online banks, but they are on the same path. If the funds in your account are frozen the consequences can be devastating. Working with markets such as the Middle and Far East, but also Europe and neighboring countries, also adds a slow and complicated bureaucracy, with consequent loss of business and money.

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How does NBC Banq work?

At NBC Banq we have put together a series of financial structures with the necessary licenses in order to unite the world of Fintech and the blockchain. In addition, we follow our customers step by step through the support of our consultants and business and financial experts. Everything is focused on allowing our customers/associates to work in absolute peace of mind.

We open accounts to existing companies. We form new companies with an account in NBC Banq, in the countries where you have economic or financial interests. No more blocked accounts. No delay in payments, thanks to our different and revolutionary system. You can receive payments in Fiat multicurrency and/or cryptocurrency.

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