Concrete benefits from collaboration

Your financial freedom

If you continue to work alone and do not evolve, there is an important risk that, soon, your professional role will no longer make sense. The big multinationals, the digital platforms, and the new times that change so fast, will probably leave you behind.

How to avoid it?

NBC Banq has a team of specialists capable of providing you with the vision and the means to help you become the successful person you deserve to be.

Concrete examples of who can benefit from the collaboration with NBC Banq:

Existing structures in network and or franchising mode, which, due to the rapid evolution of the times, suffer and struggle to maintain themselves in the market; or because they are about to be replaced by online businesses that offer the same products / services at lower costs. We specifically refer to insurance agents, financial intermediaries, real estate agents, travel agencies etc.

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How can NBC Banq help these categories?

NBC Banq is already active in online mode with financial services in a market that manages huge figures and is always growing.

We, at NBC Banq, strongly believe in human relationships, in Phygital work, in joining human interaction with the digital world. At this stage of our development we prefer, rather than opening physical points, to rely on existing structures in order to spread the "Brand", so as to streamline the expansion process and increase and redistribute profits. With this type of approach our philosophy will allow us to:

  • One: helping, and in many cases saving, a category of professionals and entrepreneurs on the brink of collapse
  • Two: increase the volume of work (and consequently develop the network) by acting as a link between the online and the traditional offline world, still strong in Italy.
  • Three: Create and develop a community/partnership thanks to the NBC Banq brand, which will be transformed into an extraordinary and unique tool to earn and prosper. Thanks to the NBC Banq business model, our partners will soon be leaders of their categories in Italy, regardless of the conditions in which they find themselves today